Review Guidelines

  • I do accept blogger packages and review copies BUT I only blog for designers I belief in and about items I like and use/would use in my SL.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to blog an item that I feel is below standard or that does not suit my personal style. I can not in good conscience blog something (thereby recommending it to my readers), that is of low quality or that I would never wear or use myself.

  • I do not contact designers and request review copies – unless they express their will to be contacted by bloggers.

  • If you wish to have items reviewed, please send them along with a note-card outlining the relevant information (i.e. price, availability, location etc.), as well as a landmark to your in-world store and link to your MP store.
  • I always wear a Maitreya Lara v4.1 mesh body.
  • I use my SLink feet (High & Flat) and SLink hands (All) only when they are needed.
  • I have the following mesh heads and I use one of these depending on my mood, and the items to be used in the shoot:
    • Logo Sadie
    • CATWA Jessica
    • CATWA Helena
    • LeLutka Lotte
    • CATWA Amy
    • CATWA Dyana
    • LAQ Trinity
    • CATWA Bento Sofia
  • My body shape is a custom one I worked very hard on creating and I will not change it. (Small adjustments for mesh items are unavoidable on occasion and is of course acceptable.)
  • I am more than happy to do reciprocal links with other bloggers, so if you like my blog and would like me to link to yours and vice versa, please contact me.
  • Communication channel for notification of completed blog posts about your item/s will be as we agree on beforehand i.e. in-world NC, post on your Flickr group, FB entry, email, etc.
  • I do not have a specific time-frame in which an item will be blogged. This will usually depend on availability, style and theme. It could take 2 days or it could take 2 weeks, so please be patient.
  • I will not commit to brand exclusivity, I blog about the things I love and my tastes are varied and extensive.

  • I have the following blogging alts that I use in shoots as needed:
    • Male Alt: Hunter Thorsten (BloodIsKing Resident)
      • Mesh Bodies: Signature Gianni & Niramyth Aesthetic Enzo 
      • Mesh Heads: Catwa Daniel Bento & Catwa Justin
    • Girl Alt: Elizane (ElizaneVixen Resident)
    • Boy Alt: Ivanze (IvanezVixen Resident)

Kind regards,

Michaela Vixen (VampBait69 Resident)

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