About Michaela Vixen

I am a Second Life artist, photographer, blogger, publisher and set designer/ builder. I blog a wide range of items (Beauty, Decor, Fashion, Fantasy, Furniture, Home & Garden - For Grown Ups & Kids. Vixen's Log is my syndicated PG blog, my (sometimes) more mature blog can be found at Vixen Creative Studios.

SL is a world of fantasy and endless possibility and the wonderland of creative potential that it offers still amazes me on a daily basis.

I put a lot of money, time and energy into creating my sets and doing my shoots. I don't blog for the free items but for purely the joy of the art. I already supported most of the designers I blog for long before I knew about blogging, and my inventory is full of their awesome creations that I purchased along the way. SL is my creative outlet and I love putting sets together, creating scenes and making the magic happen!

Through my work I hope to reach out to others to offer them a glimpse into this virtual cosmos as I perceive it to be, expose them to the amazing talents of the designers and hopefully bringing them some joy and pleasure in the process.

I do very little post processing as a rule, preferring to keep the spontaneity of the moment, creating my effects within SL itself where possible, using purchased in-world photography utilities in combination with the Firestorm phototools and environment editor that is at our disposal.

Hope you enjoy my work!

Kind regards,

Michaela Vixen (VampBait69)

About Comments on the Blog 

Firstly, let me state that I mostly copied these from Copyblogger and Canarie Beck as they sum it up perfectly already and just expanded on it here and there!

"I welcome thoughtful and civilised discussion. I reserve the right to edit or delete comments as I see fit, without explanation. "

General Common-Sense Guidelines for Acceptable Commenting:

  • Will have a way to identify you as a commenter (Must be logged in to comment).
  • Is smart, relevant and expands on the article’s premise. Read the article (in full) before you comment.
  • Carries the conversation forward. Debate is good but only if it serves a purpose other than breaking down the post and other people's opinions.
  • Offers useful and constructive criticism (ditto).
  • Is any combination of the above.

How to Ensure Your Comment Gets Blocked:

  • You show you didn’t read, watch or listen to the content. My blog's comment section is not your personal soapbox!
  • Your comment is an off-topic rant (ditto on the soapbox).
  • You threaten or defame anyone (ditto on the soapbox).
  • You are a douchebag - get your human on! Just because you are behind a computer monitor does not give you license to be a total asshat!!

Comment moderation has been activated on my blog and all comments will be reviewed by me before they are added to the blog!

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