Sunday, 25 March 2018

Dusk Picnic

Easter picnic for me and my man

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Today's post features a mix of my regular designers, D2T Designs, The Little Branch & 22769 [bauwerk], as well as designers taking part in the Land of Rainbows Easter Egg Hunt 2018. This time around that is Unkindness, HEXtraordinary & Drunk Panda.

Fashion, Avatar & Beauty:


Top: D2T Designs - Sheldon Shirt  New
Sold By: Mandy Bosshart (Marketplace | Inworld Store | Facebook)
Comes in Belleza, Adam, Aesthetic, David, Gianni, Slink, TMP & 5 standard mesh sizes.
It is available in a Basic pack (with 20 colors) or the Fatpack (20 colors & 20 designs).

Pants: Caligula Aquila - Tennessee Jeans (Marketplace)
Sold By: Caligula Aquila

Shoes: Caligula Aquila - Speeduc Sport Shoes (Marketplace)
Sold By: Caligula Aquila

Hair: ::exile:: - Abondon (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
Sold By: Kavar Cleanslate

Mesh Body, Hands & Feet: Signature - Gianni (Inworld Store)
Sold By: Raph Dirval

Mesh Head: CATWA - Daniel Bento (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
Sold By: Catwa Clip

Item: Stray Dog -  Erwin Buttermilk - Le Homme Gift (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
Sold By: Gac Akina

Shape: Custom


Dress Wicca's Wardrobe - Iris Dress @ LoR Easter Egg Hunt '18 New

Sold By: Wicca Merlin (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
Comes in Hourglass, Maitreya & Psysique.

Hair: Argrace - Yura  (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
Sold By: rika Oyen

Mesh Body & Hands: Maitreya Lara by Onyx Leshelle v4.1 (Inworld Store)

Mesh Head: CATWA - Bento Sofia (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
Sold By: Catwa Clip

Skin Applier:  Pink Fuel - Adeline (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
Sold By: Mochi Milena

Eyes: Catwa Rigged Mesh Eyes (Comes with the Sofia Mesh Head)

Shape: Custom

Landscaping & Garden:

Fig Tree:   The Little Branch - Fig Tree {Animated} 4 Seasons @ Shiny Shabby Mar '18 New
Sold By: Cari McKeenan (Marketplace | Inworld Store | Blog)

Wild Linden Tree:   The Little Branch - Wild Linden Tree {Animated} 4 Seasons @ Illuminate Mar '18 New
Sold By: Cari McKeenan (Marketplace | Inworld Store | Blog)

Tree on Little Hill in BG: Studio Skye - Four Seasons Oak (Marketplace | Inworld Store):

Furniture & Decor:

Cuddle Blanket & Wine Basket: Unkindness - Spring Brunch Set @ LoR Easter Egg Hunt '18 New
Sold By: Jamie Rozenberg (Marketplace | Inworld Store)

Chocolate Bunny: *HEXtraordinary* Chocolate Bunny! @ LoR Easter Egg Hunt '18 New
Sold By: Corwin Lacourte (Marketplace | Inworld Store)

From the 22769 [bauwerk] - Picnic By The Sea @ The Arcade - Mar '18
Sold By: Manuel Ormidale (Marketplace | Inworld Store | Blog)
  • 22769 - Basket with Buns - COMMON
  • 22769 - Box of Donuts - COMMON
  • 22769 - Champaign - COMMON
  • 22769 - Picnic Basket - COMMON
  • 22769 - Plate with Fruits - COMMON
  • 22769 - Portable Radio - COMMON

Bunnies from +Half-Deer+ - Secret Garden Bunnies (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
Sold By: Halogen Magic


Pose: Drunk Panda - Happy Easter (Couples Pose) @ LoR Easter Egg Hunt '18 New
Sold By: DrunkPandaS (Marketplace | Inworld Store)


Sotomi's 2017 Seaside Sunset mix

Photography Accessories:

Lighting: LUMIPro HUD Version 2017 v3 by Stefan Buscaylet (Marketplace | Inworld Store)

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