Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Journey : Getting Started

Dear Reader,

I have wanted to start blogging for the longest time.

I love the creative freedom SecondLife™ allows us! Putting scenes and sets together and making the visual magic happen... telling a story through the lens of the camera is one of my passions. Using the power of words to elaborate on that is another!

Words can paint a picture a thousand times stronger than a mere fraction of a second frozen as a digital image can ever do.

The two combined takes us our imagination on a journey. Allows us to truly "see".

I have thousands of backgrounds and poses, hundreds of props, Meshudio, Lumipro, AnyPose, and PoseAnywhere, so on that side I am all sorted. I have been told that I have a knack for putting sets together, an eye for good composition and detail, and a way with words.

I love photographing people, clothing, furniture and other items, as well as architecture and landscaping elements. SL is my creative outlet and gateway to the world. I also enjoy modelling.


Getting started in the blogging market is a horse of another color altogether! There are so many really good bloggers out there. Finding a designer willing to give a newbie a shot is close to impossible it would seem and who can blame them. They want to reach as wide a market as possible and the established bloggers provide them with that.

I know I am creative, dedicated and a hard-worker, always aiming to give 110% in all that I do. I am committed to meeting deadlines and seeing through that which I agreed to do.

Well the only way to get started is to actually start! So I will make my start by blogging the PG version here about the amazing items I find in my SL travels and use myself and/or at Vixen Creative Studios, for Vixen's Log, on my Fantasy Studio Sets and for Vixen's Heat shoots and publications.

My more mature blogs will be posted on Vixen Creative Studios.

Yours in creative imagery,

Michaela Vixen